Song Spinner

songspinnerPauline’s original feature-length screenplay The Song Spinner is a fantasy set in a mythical land where music is forbidden. When young Aurora receives a magical music box from a mysterious old woman, she finds the courage to stand up to the Noise Police and sing her truth. The film, starring Patti Lupone, John Neville and Brent carver received Emmy nominations for Best Children’s Special, and Best Actress, Patti Lupone. Pauline also received an Emmy Nomination, and a Cable ACE Award for Best Writing in a Children’s Special. It was broadcast in the U.S. on Showtime as their Christmas Eve Special (1996), and aired several times on CBC-TV.

“An enchanting fable – great family entertainment ****.” 
… (Mick Martin & Marsha Porter’s Video Movie Guide)

“A delightfully subversive yarn.” 
. . . Edmonton Journal

~ Children’s Choice Award,
 Atlantic Film Festival
~ Special Award, Festival International de Cinema Jeune Public de Laon, France 
The Song Spinner, her novel based on the screenplay, was published by Red Deer Press (1994), and received the Canadian Children’s Book Centre “Our Choice” Award. Her other incarnations of this story include a radio drama commissioned by CBC (1997), in which Pauline played the role of Zantalalia, the mysterious gypsy singer; and a play for Vancouver Youth Theatre, with children playing all the characters (2000).

Praise for The Song Spinner:

“I have been feeling so fed by “Song Spinner” and the many beautiful songs on your CD. You are a richly creative and gifted woman. A number of your songs spoke to my heart so very deeply I found myself in tears. They capture the pain and grief and beauty and sometimes the confusion and disorientation of the times we are living through.” Cynthia Flowers, Port Townsend

The Song Spinner novel is AVAILABLE through Pauline’s EMAIL .



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