They Ask Me Why I Sing So Loud

book by Pauline Le Bel They Ask Me Why I Sing So Loud

“With a big cosmological bang, a shout, a creation song, Pauline Le Bel’s They Ask Me Why I Sing So Loud opens with a hymn to creation, to planet earth, to our common mother Gaia. Then the poems plunge us into the particularities of a woman’s everyday life, moving through the stages of childhood, adulthood, and elder-dom. Le Bel is above all else a praise-singer whose poems call us to participate in the universal song.” Susan McCaslin, author of Painter, Poet, Mountain: After Cézanne (Quattro Books, 2016)

They Ask Me Why I Sing So Loud was published by Collins Foundation Press in June 2017. $14.99

For a copy, you can email me: songspinner(at) shaw(dot)ca

BOOK LAUNCH: Sunday, August 13, Rustique Bistro, Bowen Island 3 – 5 pm.

Music with Teun Schut, guitar, and Pauline, voice. Refreshments and musical cookies

Comments from readers:

I read “They Ask Me Why I Sing So Loud”.  (Dynamic cover photo of you.)  So moved by your collection of poems.  Read some out loud.  What a wonderful range of poems from nature/mystical to personal.  Deserves to be nominated for poetry awards. Jim De Felice, actor, screenwriter, director, professor emeritus

“Awesome Pauline! I have been meaning to follow up with you about your book and some of the poetry. I read them all in one sitting!! Thank you for your honesty and beautiful and heartful words.” Janette McIntosh

“Why I sing so loud’ affected me with its grace, craft, fearlessness and honesty.” David Pickell

“The last couple of days, I’ve been reading a poem in the mornings. This morning I read the creation story. It spoke to me in your voice. As with the title your voice is not a small voice. I hear it as a rich voice, not just a loud voice, full of tone, depth, passion and excitement. When the earth was dreaming of ochre and lapis I started to feel a rise in me and by the time it was dreaming of me the rise was spilling out my eyes.” Thea Fast

“I read your poetry a few more times and keep reading some at random. Love it all. Deep and multifaceted, like a crystal hanging and moving in the Light…” Elisabeth Rinsoz