Write Me A Song … Pauline!

What do you give someone who has everything?

Give them a song!

written by Pauline Le Bel, award-winning author, poet and singer songwriter


HAVE A LISTEN TO A SONG FOR CLAIRE commissioned by Herb Auerbach on the occasion of his granddaughter’s graduation from university. Herb speaks French and asked for the intro in French.

“I love it.Thanks again for your talent and your collaborator’s.” Herb Auerbach

“Herb sent me the fantastic finished product;  It is absolutely fabulous–the song, the performance, the videography, everything. Claire and family will treasure this always.” Ann Cowan-Buitenhuis

“Pauline wrote a clever, well-researched and moving song for Kelly’s 50th birthday. And because we were in Hawaii on the day, she ‘delivered’ it over the phone! Kelly was surprised, delighted and in tears.” Dave Pollard

“The interview over brunch was such fun. And then! performing such a wonderful ode to our years together for our 50th anniversary parties (we had 2!). You brilliantly captured the sequence and essence of our relationship with just the right amount of humour too. … Thank you for involving our friends in the refrain. Something we will truly cherish and remember!” Soorya and Jack Resels

“My garden means a lot to me and I made an unusual request of Pauline. I asked if she would write a song for my garden. She agreed, spent a day with me in my garden, then went away and did her amazing creative thing. One beautiful summer day she returned and sang the incredible song she had composed. She sang it for me, my family, my friends and my garden. A unique and special experience.” Jackie Bradley

Pauline, is a singer/songwriter with a Bachelor of Music in Voice and Piano, a distinguished career in musical theatre & 5 CDs of her original songs. She sings in several languages and has written songs and poems about science, food, horses, trees, garlic and love. Her poems were published in They Ask Me Why I Sing So Loud in 2017.

Poems and Songs to celebrate

  • an anniversary
  • a birthday
  • a new arrival
  • a marriage
  • a memorial
  • a garden
  • or whatever else you can dream of!

Have a listen to two of my songs:

Song for a Winter Solstice (Rescue Joy CD. Pauline vocals with The Sojourners)

Better to Be Real (Deep Fun CD. Pauline vocals with Teun Schut on guitar)

You can also find my songs on YouTube, including this amusing song

Other Testimonials

  • “Le Bel is a delicate, respectful, passionate storyteller.” The Province (Vancouver)
  • “I really like the message and energy of your songs.” Marcus Mosely http://www.thesojourners.ca
  • “A musical Bernhardt.” London Free Press
  • “A musical instrument linked to a soul.” Victoria Times
  • Rescue Joy (https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/paulinelebel2) is equally inspirational, full of wisdom and sharp observation and just plain gorgeous music. Thanks for helping me rescue my joy.” Spider Robinson http://www.spiderrobinson.com/
  • “Maintaining one’s zest for life is the crucial spiritual challenge of this deep transition. And that’s what your work does so well, Pauline. With movement, dance, voice, song, you electrify us. You are a way Universe maintains its deep zest.”
    … Brian Swimme, cosmologist, author, The Universe is a Green Dragon,
  • “Le Bel is above all a praise singer whose poems call us to participate in the universal song.”  Susan McCaslin https://susanmccaslin.weebly.com/
  • “Why I sing so loud’ affected me with its grace, craft, fearlessness and honesty.” David Pickell https://www.lyricsfreak.com/person/dave+pickell-34727″Your CD Rescue Joy is marvelous – so moving in its vitality and depth. May your songs reach many ears and hearts! Sing on!” 
    . . . Environmentalist and eco-philosopher, Joanna Macy                           


 A poem to celebrate your special occasion. Pauline will interview you and/or the person to receive the poem and create a poem to enhance your celebration. It will be printed on exquisite paper – $295

A song to celebrate your special occasion. Pauline will interview you and/or the person to receive the song, and create original music and lyrics. You will receive a CD of the song for you to enjoy whenever you like. Includes a non-commercial licence – $750

A song to celebrate your special occasion. Same as above and Pauline will perform the song at your event. Transportation and accommodation not included. – $1,050

Want someone else to sing the song? You will receive a CD of the song and a score so the song can be performed by the singer of your choice –  $1,500

For unique projects, pricing on request. Email me; songspinner(at)shaw(dot)ca

Don’t wait another minute to have your celebration immortalized in words and music.