My Music

I have 5 CDs of my songs:

Dancing with the Crone, La tendresse, Voices in the Sound, Rescue Joy and Deep Fun. All are available by emaiing me: songspinner(at)shaw(dot)ca

La tendresse – an album of French songs, Rescue Joy and Deep Fun are also available through

My music videos on YouTube.

Mitochondria Motel is here:

Danse Marianne is here:

Song for the Winter Solstice is here:

How Shall I Walk with this Wounded Earth is here:

Spice Wimp is here:

Voices in the Sound, my musical about Bowen Island:

What people have said about my music:

“Maintaining one’s zest for life is the crucial spiritual challenge of this deep transition. And that’s what your work does so well, Pauline. With movement, dance, voice, song, you electrify us. You are a way Universe maintains its deep zest.”
… Brian Swimme, mathematical cosmologist, author, The Universe is a Green Dragon, The Hidden Heart of the Cosmos

“Your CD Rescue Joy is marvelous – so moving in its vitality and depth. May your songs reach many ears and hearts! Sing on!” 
. . . Environmentalist and eco-philosopher, Joanna Macy 

“First of all, it was great working with you today.  I really like the message and energy of your songs.  The planet can truly use all the positive energy we musicians can generate.  May you have much success with this project….Marcus Mosely, singer, choir director, The Sojourners, October 6, 2009

“Le Bel – a musical Bernhardt.”   … London Free Press

“Like Pauline herself, her new CD, Deep Fun, is engaging, entertaining, and totally different. What a treat.”
. . . Sheryl McKay, NXNW CBC Radio 

“Pauline Le Bel a une voix plus riche et plus métallique que celle de Piaf. Mais qu’elle se mette à chanter et c’est l’enchantement, la transformation, le miracle.” 
    … La Presse 

“There is more than a touch of magic in her performance…a musical instrument linked to a soul.”
    … Victoria Times

“Le Bel’s voice is devastating. It combines raw power with discipline in a way that puts a lump in your throat and sends chills up your spine.”
    … Foisy, CHQM Vancouver

“Pauline has a dramatic voice, alternately rich and full or as old and mysterious as the mountains. … Serpentine Music

“Of course, I found the title track particularly appropriate for my situation. But the whole album is equally inspirational, full of wisdom and sharp observation and just plain gorgeous music. RESCUE JOY is an album to be sinfully proud of. Thanks for helping me to rescue my joy.” 
. . . Spider Robinson, writer

“Rescue Joy … reflects Le Bel’s ability to absorb life’s painful moments, reflect upon them, and send them back into the world with a note of hope attached.”
. . . The Undercurrent, March 12, 2010

“You are a richly creative and gifted woman. A number of your songs spoke to my heart so very deeply I found myself in tears. They capture the pain and grief and beauty and sometimes the confusion and disorientation of the times we are living through.”Cynthia Flowers, Port Twnsend


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