Sound Water – a short documentary on Howe Sound produced by Drew Copeland and Jon Chiang. The filmmakers, inspired by my book Whale in the Door, invited me to be part of the film. A real honour. The film was first screened at the Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival in March 2018. It’s amusing and enlightening. Hope you enjoy it!


A recent video sent to me by Tristan Laurillard who interviewed me for his radio documentary about creativity. This episode is about Creativity and Shapeshifting with my voice talking about writing a difficult story in a poem first before I wrote it in prose. There are some brief violent scenes at the beginning, with my voice starting at 4:10

This is one of the comments that appeared about the video: “Excellent video. I found it extremely inspirational. Especially the part where Pauline Le Bel says that she had to write a powerful story of hers as a poem first. Not to sound dramatic, but, that approach had a significant impact on me. It stopped me in my tracks. I thought to myself, that the best stories have an emotional impact. Poems are written with emotional impact. So, to capture the emotional power of a story, it makes sense to write it as a poem first. Then tap that poem for the inspiration needed to bring it into a story written for the screen. Thanks for this video. It was extremely helpful.”

My interview with Janaia Donaldson at Peak Moment TV is now available on their website. And you can see it here. Janaia is a warm and passionate interviewer. She laughed. She cried. She sang with me.

It’s a long interview so if you’re short on time, here’s a three-minute excerpt:

For the full interview:


Here’s what Janaia said about the interview: “I had SO MUCH FUN with you – love your passion, your performer’s exquisite expressiveness. If your workshop attendees gain even half of what I did, they are so much richer for it! Thank you for being our guest.”

What viewers have said: “One of the best Peak Moments.”

“Ahh. What a lovely soul.”

“I wish Pauline’s books were e-books. Guess I’ll have to kill a tree. (Just kidding.)”

“Lovely to see my dear friend appreciated for the way she brings the natural world to life through her voice, her presence and her fierce heart.”

“These ladies were drinking before the show.”

“Pauline has put to words the thoughts that I have and have never been able to speak.”






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