Thanks for visiting. I hope you had a chance to listen to some of my music on my blog. The best way to contact me for speaking engagements, concerts, keynote speeches, workshops, or autographed books or CDs is: songspinner(at)

If you prefer snail mail: P.O. BOx 412, Bowen Island BC V0N 1G0

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Baiya sheetoora – That’s how they say goodbye in my novel, The Song Spinner. It means “my music goes with you.” Hope to have you visit again. Soon.


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  1. Hello, Pauline! Greetings from the heart of Iowa!
    I’m the Associate Director at Prairiewoods, an eco-spirituality retreat and conference center founded by Franciscan sisters in Hiawatha (Cedar Rapids), Iowa. I am intrigued by your book, “Becoming Intimate With the Earth,” and your wonderful musical offerings that reflect such tender concern for the Earth. Each year, we sponsor a conference called “Spirituality in the 21st Century,” and we’ve featured some notable speakers in the past including Diarmuid O’Murchu, Marcus Borg, Ilia Delio, Michael Morwood, Walter Brueggeman, and most recently, Drew Dellinger and Marc Barasch. This coming spring, in April of 2015, we have invited Gail Worcelo, a protege of Thomas Berry, and the following spring, April of 2016, Diarmuid O’Murchu is returning for the event. I’m wondering if you would consider talking with me about whether you might be interested in sharing your gifts of music and storytelling at our gathering in April of 2015? You can reach me at or 319-395-6700 if you would like to talk about the possibility.
    Thanks so much for your consideration!

  2. Hi Pauline Le Bel……I am so happy to have a deep dive into some of your work and have spent the past afternoon doing this – only to realize that you live kind of locally!

    I am wondering if you would consider being with us in OUR Ecovillage’s journey…..

    1) join us for OUR Easter Feaster Feastival – end of March
    as a storyteller/singer.


    2) The ReStorying World Gathering; Restorying Our Collective Future

    OUR Ecovillage is a 25 acre Regenerative Living Demonstration Site and Education Centre in Shawnigan Lake (1999). With over 10K folks per year visiting as learners this incredible non-profit project has been the wellspring of a wide ripple of transformation and inspiration. Would love if you would join in the process —
    Brandy Gallagher, Education and Outreach Coordinator
    OUR Ecovillage

  3. Dear Pauline,
    The three books and CD have just arrived. You couldn’t have known how timely the CD Rescue Joy is. Just this morning I learned of a 5 year old who has a cancer growth on her kidney which has already metastacized to her lungs. And as I read Kathleen Dean Moore’s brilliant book, Great Tide Rising and audit a course, “The Journey of the Universe” through Yale University with Mary Evelyn Tucker, her partner Jim Grim, both senior lecturers and senior research specialists with Yale’, working alongside Brian Swimme, I gather sorrrow for the plight of our Unverse, and the future of humanity/ our grandchildren!!
    You surely. Know the need for working with sorrow and rescuing joy somehow.

    I will look out for information regarding a possible Earth Literacies course at Rivendale. It would a wonderful. Our Syrian Fundraising Dinner during your Work/Playshop at Bethlehem Retreat Centre was a great success and most enjoyable

    Blessings and Great Peace

    • Dear Jen-Beth, Yes, there is much to be sorrowful about as we face the devastation of our planet, and its consequences for the future of Earth’s children. The real spiritual challenge is to refrain from sinking into despair, to rescue joy, and magnify our commitment to life. Pauline

      • I have just finished reading your book “Whalr In The Door” and I certainly agree with those who have said it is a great book and a good introduction to the Squamish people and their way of life, particularly as it high lights How Sound and Squamish. I am 81, have had a stroke and am much closer to the Haida clan. Although I am non-indigenous as is my wife, our daughter is married to a Haida hereditary Chief and she has made her home in Haiida Gwaii for more than ten years, she teaches there. I have great concern that many First Nations People throughout the province do not seem to care for their homes (clean up garbage, etc.) why do you think that is?

        Doug Watkins

  4. Dear Pauline,
    Even though it is not central to the main theme if your excellent book, Whale in the Door, I would like to correct an error.
    On page 46, you state: “According to wrirren records, the first Europeans to arrive in Howe Sound were the Spanish in 1791. They named it Boca del Carmelo”.
    In fact, there is no evidence of the Spanish entering Howe Sound so “to view Howe Sound” would be a more accurate account. According to the log of the goleta Santa Saturnina (Midshipman Jose Maria Narvaez in command) she sailed straight by on a westerly course towards Texada Island in July 1791.

    Further, Narvaez (on Eliza’s later chart) called the islands of Bowen, the Pasley group and Keats “Islas de Apodaca” after the Viceroy in San Blas, Mexico at the time. Their view up Collingwood Channel revealed “Las Bocas del Carmelo” which are the bays on the south side of Gambier Island – Port Graves, Centre Bay and West Bay.
    I have been a stydent of European activity on the Pacific Northwest coast for decades and your book is helping me to extend that knowledge further back to Indigenous times. Like you, I live on Bowen and have a great appreciation of Atl’kitsem’s magical beauty and spiritual importance.

    • Thank you Jerry. Always appreciate getting the facts straight. Am delighted you enjoyed Whale in the Door and that you also appreciate the beauty of our island. I will email you a more detailed reply.

  5. Hi Pauline,

    My proffesor for my communities and conservation class informed me that you are involved in spearheading the implementation of paying rent for living on unceeded land. I am working on a project proposal in order for this to be implemented in Squamish and would love to have a chat and hear some of your insights.

    Thank you very much,


    • Hello Malika, Unfortunately, your professor is misinformed. I began a reconciliation initiative three years ago – Knowing Our Place – and have been presenting events, workshops and a book club to foster respectful relationships with Indigenous Peoples, and in particular, Squamish Nation. We recently unveiled a sign with the Squamish Nation name for the island. We continue to work to educate ourselves and other islanders on our true history with Indigenous Peoples and to challenge stereotypes and biases. There is no intent, at this point, to enter into the kind of project you envision. Frankly, the community is not ready for this yet.

  6. Hola Pauline, encontré uno de tus libros que tu me diste acá En la Asociación Bilingüe Spanica. Te acuerdas de mi? lindos recuerdos. Sería un placer
    Saber Como estas?

    Hello Pauline, my name is Graciela, we met in Edmonton in the early 1990s. I ran the Edmonton bilingual Spanish school. I’m doing good, trying to understand this technology, but at least I have my kids to help me. Just wanted to see how you are doing? I still live in Edmonton. I still the book you gave me ‘The Song Spinner.’

  7. hello Pauline,

    I would love to purchase a copy of the Song Spinner.
    It is a book I used a a novel study with my grade six students. I would now like to introduce it to our grandchildren.
    Thank you

  8. really enjoyed the chestnut poem. fun comment about how you hope size isn’t an issue with her…. what a gorgeous tree. thx for the link via csarn.

    • Rob, What a beautiful, poetic piece by Helen, full of beautiful images. I had forgotten about the seashells under my bathtub (typical of my style of decor). I am honoured to have received any credit at all for Helen’s mastery of poetry. Oh, and I will have to tell her about the pirate sister thing. Fun story. She was only three. Wouldn’t expect her to remember. Thank you for initiating this piece. Will read more of your blogs.

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