Becoming Intimate with the Earth

“Science-rich, artful and soul-nourishing.” Michael Dowd, Author, Thank God for Evolution

Becoming Cover 9My new book, Becoming Intimate with the Earth, has been published by Collins Foundation Press.  Part love story, part battle cry, part call to adventure, the book offers a compelling new narrative to face what promises to be a challenging future. I weave the new science-based cosmology (The Universe Story) with the traditional wisdom of indigenous people and my own passionate engagement with life and the natural world. Inside are Intimacy Guides, and Resources and Links to fascinating people making a difference. I hope the book will act as a powerful guide to help us heal our relationship with our planetary home.

Retail Price: $19.95

Praise for Becoming: 

“… an insightful, creative, compelling and very readable presentation of this vitally important message … I have been inspired by reading this book!” Peter Berry, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

“…beautiful, both in style and content…full of insight, wisdom and poignant clarity.” Ray Grigg, author, The Tao of Relationships

“I loved your book. I very much appreciated the ‘ways’ you choose to reflect on and I really liked the symbols you used. To think of water as imagination or earth as transformation was so powerful for me. The language of intimacy also connects us at the different level. The intimacy practices are most helpful. I think these are things people are really looking for.” Gertie Jocksch,

“I was reading your book last night and I came to the section where you talk about hitting a huge wall of despair and you wrote to Brian Swimme. He helped you see your natural zest…. I was so taken by the BREADTH of feeling you articulated…. Going from the complete broken heart to the power and perspective of the emerging Universe. Maybe they are two halves of the same thing??!! Thanks so much for your generosity. Not just with the book but with who you are and how you are SHOWING UP for this amazing thing called Life.” With love and gratitude, Bill Pfeiffer

“I just finished reading your wonderful book. Thank you so much, I enjoyed it hugely. The synchrony between your work and ours is immense, and it’s clear that your book and our film are expressions of the same movement. In light of what we are all trying to accomplish this is obviously marvellous. We need films and songs and books and art and every other possible form of human expression to carry these stories and this insight around the planet. Your book is a beautiful work in this regard: a great carrier both of those things that are present and pressing and urgent, and those things that are ancient and deep and timeless.” Steve Kennedy, Planetary Collective

“Thanks for the wisdom, leadership and Eldership that you share through this book, Pauline.” Philip Be’er, Home Harvest Gardens, Vancouver

“Pauline Le Bel’s lovely book guides our journey home.  Through stories, rituals, poems, and a sensitive and caring heart, Pauline weaves a poignant tapestry of connection.” Peter Adair, Author of Earth Story Calendars

 “…an Elder’s gift of wisdom, guiding our hearts to a deeper relationship with each other, with our communities and with the universe that birthed us into being. You will finish this book wiser, more open and inspired to engage in a daily recommitment to your place in the web of life.” Chris Corrigan, Open Space Facilitator

“I am halfway through and totally AWED by the beauty of it: the poetic deep clear ways in which you express your message, your stories.” Elisabeth Rinsoz, therapist, Switzerland

I am so moved by your powerful loving and life-affirming mission and message. I feel blessed to receive these teachings from an intimate elder and I will pass it on to my kids when I’m done with reading it. Colette Coughlin, Gatineau

“Using her own inspiring journey and story as background, Pauline offers practical ways to become intimate with the earth, as well as encouragement to explore and find new ways. She reminds us that intimacy with the earth is our birthright. I highly recommend this book! FIVE STARS

To purchase the book, you have several options:

1) from the publisher:

2) on

3) Banyen Books: 3608 W 4th Ave, Vancouver BC; 604-732-7912;

4) email me: songspinner(at)shaw(dot)ca



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